Model 2150 Remote Input

The remote input is used in conjunction with the DataSwitch Model 2100 Life Cycle Tester. It provides interface coupling between the tester and an external power source used to supply load current to the switch being tested. This allows any combination of voltage and current to be used instead of the factory preset values of 4-5 Milliamps at 12 VDC.
Model 2100 Life Cycle Tester
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DataSwitch Continuity Testers deliver the speed and ease of use required for a production-line environment, plus the versatility and accuracy needed for engineering research.

A test head connector box provides 3 connectors to interface with solder tabs, receptacles, and connectorless tails. Read More...

The DataSwitch Life Cycle Tester will test switch keys individually at a rate of one million strokes in approximately 48 hours. The switch is placed under an electrical load of 5 Milliamps DC, and is checked twice during each test cycle: once for resistance level during the 'down' stroke, and once for shorts during the 'up' stroke. Dual counters store the number of good cycles as well as the number of bad cycles (or misses). Read More...
The DataSwitch Contact Bounce Tester measures both make and break contact bounce times on any switch with reliability and accuracy beyond that of an oscilloscope. This tester measures and displays bounce times from 0.01 milliseconds to 99.9 milliseconds. Longer bounce times are indicated by an error light. Read More...
The DataSwitch LED Tester accurately tests embedded LEDs for function and correct polarity with minimal set-up time. It will handle membrane switches with tails of up to 25 trace lines. Read More...
DataSwitch Corporation Close-up of pressure regulator used in the Model 2100's Mechanical Fixture Plate. Read More...

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Versatility and Reliability Versatility and ReliabilityOur unique family of membrane switch testers and components allows you to customize your test equipment to perform exactly as you need it to. Each component can be integrated for use with our core products and accessories.
Quick Setup Quick Setup Our products are quick and simple to set up. Although each product comes with a detailed, easy-to-understand instruction manual, our intuitive equipment works so efficiently that you will need to do little more than plug it in and turn it on.
Ease of UseEase of Use DataSwitch testers have a short learning curve, eliminating the need for your client operators to attend hours of complicated training seminars.

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